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best tips 1×2

best tips 1×2

28 – April – 2021

2 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

Galatasaray – Konyaspor : 1 Odd:1.50 FT:1:0

Olympiacos Piraeus – Giannina : 1 Odd:1.20 FT:3:1

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Best Tips 1x2

best tips 1×2

Over/Under bets are some of the most popular betting selections – here you bet on whether more or fewer goals than a certain figure are scored during a match. You might also bet on other factors, like the number of yellow cards, corners and many more; however, the most common type is betting on goals scored. Due to this, we will stick to this type of the Over/Under bet for our overview.

Bookmakers will very often offer the classic Over 2.5-goals or Under 2.5-goals selections. Which strategy will make you successful in the long run? What should you take into account? Read on to find answers to these questions below.

zidane 1×2

The Home or Away record of a team has a considerable indicating value of whether 2.5 goals (so at least 3) or under 2.5 goals (so no more than 2) will be scored. Many teams play better in front of their own crowd and gain more points than in Away matches. The numbers prove this: Home teams score 1.66 goals on average, while Away teams only reach 1.20 goals on average.

The following example from the 2014-2015 season shows that these factors have a larger predictive value than the number of goals scored on average in the whole season (so Home and Away matches combined):


Hoffenheim often played with different tactical line-ups during Home and Away games. In each match that took place in their own stadium, they scored more than 2.5 goals every second match during the first 12 matchdays. In Away games, however, only in every third match were over 2.5 goals scored.  Examining Bayern Munich’s statistics within the same period emphasizes the difference even further: at home they scored more than 2.5 goals in 86% of their matches, but this decreased to 20% during their Away games.

 Take Direct Encounters into Account

The results of direct encounters also let you assess whether you should bet on Over or Under 2.5 goals. It may quite possibly happen that teams play offensively and score many goals for the whole season, but in a direct encounter, almost no goals are being scored. This may be the result of the tactical line-up or the situation in the league. The opposite is also possible, with teams playing defensively without scoring any goals; a direct encounter might actually make for a goal fest.

Do not analyse matches that are too outdated

When analysing direct encounters, you should not go too far back in history. Encounters from the last 3 years are especially significant. If you go too far back, completely different teams, managers and thus, other tactical orientations would have dominated the match, thus affecting the result of your analysis.

Do not analyse too few matches

Don’t just take one or two encounters between the two teams into account; analyse at least 3 games. There are always clashes that are out of the ordinary and that represent outliers in the statistics. To avoid this, and to be able to make a better forecast, it is important to evaluate a good number of matches.

best tips 1×2

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