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cagliari fixed matches

cagliari fixed matches


Nacional – Benfica: 2 Odd:1.40 FT: 1:3

Napoli – Udinese: 1 Odd:1.30 FT: 5:1

cagliari fixed matches

The Over/Under 2.5 Strategy

Next to match betting, this is one of the most popular ways to make a bet on a football match. This is similar to the boxing betting strategy Over/Under. Statistically, the average number of goals scored in a match, in leagues all over the world, is 2.5.

This is where this strategy comes from. Your job here is to make an educated guess – preferably with research involved. You decide whether you believe there will be more or less than 2.5 goals scored in a match.

This strategy has a huge number of advantages and can offer some great ways to make a profit.

Obviously, it is impossible for 2.5 goals to be scored in any match, but when all matches are added together and the goal number divided equally between those matches, this is the number produced. This is perfect, as there is zero chance of it being 2.5, so it is an evens bet. It’s either under or over, there are simply no other outcomes possible.

So, if you should decide to bet Under 2.5, then ideally your game will not be one of the more exciting games, as the only outcomes allowed in order for you to win are: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-0 or 0-2. As soon as there is any other scoreline, you’re out.

The problem with this is that you want teams not to score and are holding out for a boring game. This is why many people bet Over 2.5. Here, every goal counts and no matter who scores the goal you can get excited. Needless to say, betting on over 2.5 is just much more fun.

cagliari fixed matches

Clearly, betting on Over 2.5 comes with advantages. Firstly, this is a strategy that you tend to get very decent odds on. Obviously, different leagues come with different odds.

If you bet on over 2.5 in La Liga, with teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, then your chances of winning are pretty high. These are generally high scoring games, so expect odds of around 3/10. However, if you bet on Over 2.5 in France’s Ligue 1 or Greece’s Superleague, then your odds will be as high as 3/2 as these are generally lower scoring clubs.

The best part about betting on this is the thrill of watching a game. You just want goals to be scored. You don’t care who scores them, but balls in the back of the net mean money in the pocket.

There are some disadvantages on betting on Over 2.5 though, although not many. There are the options in some bookmakers of betting on Over 1.5 or Over 0.5 and obviously these others have a higher chance of success.

Also, because it is the average score, around 50% of your bets will win and about 50% won’t. Also, you might find yourself getting highly frustrated waiting for that prized third goal… that just never quite crosses the line!

cagliari fixed matches

If you’re going to have more chance of success, then don’t just pick Over or Under from out of thin air. As in most football betting strategies, it doesn’t pay to go in blind. If you want to bet on an Over 2.5 then you want to research a team that often finishes by scoring 3 or more goals.

This is where consistency is key.

It is better to take a chance on teams that regularly score around 3, than teams that vary between scoring 6 and 0, depending on the form; these should be avoided. Any goal after 3 is completely irrelevant, so forget about that – getting 3 more often is much better.

It’s so easy these days to check out the form of a team and the scoring history, so do it. The better informed you are, the more chance of success in this popular football betting strategy.

cagliari fixed matches

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Leicester – Crystal Palace : 1 Odd:1.50 FT:2:1

Shenzhen – Qingdao FC : 1 Odd:1.40 FT:0:0

Clermont – Chateauroux : 1 Odd:1.30 FT:2:1

Moreirense – FC Porto : 2 Odd:1.30 FT:1:1

feyenoord1x2 fixed

Safe Fixed Matches

There are hundreds of welcome bonuses offered at different sportsbooks online. In matched betting, you take advantage of these offers to make bets that cannot fail. For this strategy to work, you will need a betting exchange with the same betting market.

You place a back bet using the free bet on the sportsbook. For example, bet that Barcelona will win. You will then cover this bet on the betting exchange with a lay bet. This bet will be the opposite of your back bet. Here, you bet Barcelona will lose. With your bet covered, you win regardless of the outcome.

You can use a matched betting calculator to calculate the stake you need for each side of the bet. Matched betting works, but you can do it only once per sportsbook.


Arbitrage or arb betting takes advantage of the differences between bookmaker odds. You will cover all the outcomes of a game, guaranteeing a profit, whichever the outcome.  That’s why arb bets are also called sure bets. Here is an example of an arb bet:

  • Barcelona odds –  1.3 at Betfair and 1.42 at Betwin
  • Valencia odds – 3.93 at Betfair and  2.9 at Betwin

if you bet £100 on Barcelona at 1.42, it would return us £142 if they won the match. By placing £36.13 on Valencia at 3.93, you would match the expected return of the Barcelona bet (or about £141.99). In total, you would stake £136.13 for a guaranteed return of £5.86 (141.99 – 136.13).

The products from RebelBetting offers different football betting strategies that you can use, like value betting and sure betting.

Odds Boost Strategy

Boosted odds are common incentives on many sportsbooks. These boosts usually happen on unpopular games or on slow days. Sometimes these boosts can be significant to turn a tidy profit. If a game gets a boost from 1.25 to 1.55, you have a clean 30% profit. If you stake £100, you get £30. Boosted odds work even better if you stack two or three games in an acca.

Sure Fixed Matches 

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Manipulated Fixed Matches

Manipulated Fixed Matches

13 – March – 2021

1 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

Getafe – Atl. Madrid : HT:X Odd: 2.00 FT: 0:0

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Manipulated Fixed Matches

Full Time Result

There are hundreds of soccer matches taking place around the world on a weekly basis. Betting on the full time result of these individual games is the most popular way for people to bet on soccer. It’s also one of the easiest and most straightforward.

There are actually a few different ways to bet on the full time result, and we cover them all here. We start with the most traditional method, which is known as the win-draw-win market. This name describes the three selections that are available to you. Remember that, unlike some other sports, a game of soccer can end in a tie (draw). So you not only have the option of betting on either team to win, you can also bet on the game to be tied.

You’ll notice that there’s quite a big difference between the odds for each possible selection. That’s because, in this case, Tottenham Hotspur are heavily favored to win. Please note that the difference isn’t always this big. The odds are much closer in matches where the teams are more evenly matched. There’s almost always a favorite of course, but sometimes the odds for a favorite are slightly lower than the odds for the other team. In some games the draw can actually be the favorite, but this is quite rare.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other ways to bet on the full time result in a game of soccer.

Online Betting

Online football betting can be a great way to save time and bet on your favorite teams. Technology has made it considerably easier to access betting sites and make successful bets. One of it’s traits is that you can get fixed matches and bet on them online. Getting fixed matches for online betting has never paid off better. Sure fixed matches will help you gain serious profit on safe odds with daily fixed matches. Get them on Suretips and win every football bet.

Manipulated Fixed Matches

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