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Daily Single Fixed Matches

Daily Single Fixed Matches

Daily Single Fixed Football Matches

With this offer you can get subscription to analyzed matches every day. Get matches every day for a certain period and make consecutive, serious profit. From the offers below, chose one that suits you best!

Getting safe 1×2 matches has never been easier. With our offer below you can get instant access to fixed matches. We have a safe source from football clubs, heavy analysis and data on every sure match that is offered. In the offers you get daily fixed matches for a certain period with safe odds. Feel free to contact us 24/7, we are happy to help.

One Week Single Match

(In this offer you get 7 days every day one match with odds 3.00 to 15.00.)

Two Weeks Single Match

(In this offer you get 14 days every day one match with odds 3.00 to 15.00.)

One Month Single Match

(In this offer you get 25-30 days every day one match with odds 3.00 to 15.00.)

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Accepted payment methods: Western Union, Ria, Moneygram, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin.


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Proofs from this offer (WE DONT POST EVERY DAY HERE)

Proofs: October 2022

16 OCTOBER 2022
Real Madrid – Barcelona   1/1  @3.50  WIN (2:0/3:1)

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How we created our company?

Our story

How our company fixed betting company is created? -In June 2014, we decided to change the complete content of the group. Complete functioning system. PAY THE BEST PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD TO WORK FOR YOU! BEST SIDERS Tips and MAKE THEIR WORK AVAILABLE to “Ordinary Mortals”. Generally, It is known that serious VIP groups cost a monthly fee of more than 500 euros, and that not everyone can afford them. We are committed to PAYING ALL OF THEM and giving those forecasts to our members. We automatically took off a huge job that lasted a full 3 years (daily analysis, monitoring matches, etc., etc.) and let it to serious professionals to work for us. -After more than a year of paying for all kinds of VIP services, has tailored a STRONG TEAM of 4 PROFESSIONAL VIP SERVICES (sectors). – They work for us. 100% sure matches are available on our site. The Matches are all 100% sure matches with safe odd. 100% sure matches are offered daily and weekly, they are 100% safe and sure.

Daily forecasts

We post their predictions. And from their forecasts we make our own bets. Our team is solely deticated to our client’s needs, our paid sure fixed matches are certainly correct and highly profitable. We uphold the highest standard of working professionalism. The team is extremely focused on delivering daily tips to it’s clients to ensure the trust inbetween. also provides daily free tips to show as proof that we offer true fixed matches with certain outcome for profit which you can contact us on how to purchase.

Fixed Matches

Offered on our site are sure fixed matches that are from trusted match fixing source. The  online fixed matches are 100% sure and guaranteed profit. Joining our fixed match site will grant you access to the best of sure fixed matches which are highly sought after considering the trusted match fixing source. You can get daily safe odd and net serious profits from online fixed match betting, you will also get access to today fixed matches.


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Sure Daily Odds

Sure Daily Odds

Sure Daily Odds

13  – December – 2020

4 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

AC Milan – Parma Tip: 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 2:2

Barcelona – Levante Tip: 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 1:0

Genoa – Juventus Tip: 2 Odd: 1.33 FT: 1:3

Lamia – Olympiacos Piraeus Tip: 2 Odd: 1.20 FT: 0:6

Free tips are not 100% sure and we are not responsible for free tips lost. If you want 100% sure matches our team have special offers contact us!

Why Odds and Lines Change

Have you ever wondered how the odds and lines work at the sportsbook? Ever been curious why the numbers are what they are and why they seem to “magically” change? In this guide, we’re going to answer both of these questions and more. We’re going to tell you why the odds and lines at the sportsbook move, and most importantly what this means for you. We’ll also give you some tips that can help you turn your newfound understanding into profit.

The Goal of a Sportsbook

Before you can understand why lines move, you need to understand what is going on behind the scenes. Sportsbooks are not charities. They are companies designed to make a lot of money by offering betting action on sports competitions. You probably already knew this. Here’s something you might not know: even though the sportsbooks are offering bets to you, they don’t like to gamble at all. Their goal is to try to guarantee that they are going to make money on every single bet they offer.

How do they do this? What the sportsbook tries to do is get the exact same amount of money on both sides of a contest. If they get $10 total bet on Team A and $10 total bet on Team B, then no matter who wins, they can use the losing money to pay the winners. If Team A wins, they take the $10 from the Team B losers and pay the Team A winners. Team B wins, they do the same thing, but in reverse.

So, how does the sportsbook make money? If you’ve ever made a bet before, you may or may not have noticed that the sportsbook is taking a little bit off the top of each bet. This is known as the house rake (the “juice”). Instead of paying back the full $10 to the winners, they take a very small percentage off of the top as their profit for facilitating the bets.


Let’s look at a real bet to make sure you understand this before we move on. Here is a real spread bet on an NFL football game:

  • Denver Broncos -6 (-110)
  • Dallas Cowboys +6 (-110)

If you bet $10 on the Denver Broncos and win your bet, you will get $9.09 in profit back. That $0.91 that you aren’t getting back is the sportsbook juice. So, if the sportsbook gets $10 in bets on the Broncos and $10 in bets on the Cowboys, here is what their accounting will look like:

  • Take in $10 on the Broncos (Casino has $10).
  • Take in $10 on the Cowboys (Casino has $20).

Broncos win and bettors are owed their original bet back ($10), and their profit ($9.09).

Casino gives back $19.09 to the Broncos bettors (Casino has $0.91).

The casino has profited $0.91 on this bet.

As you can see, no matter who wins the game, the sportsbook is going to make a profit. They aren’t in the business of gambling. If they could, they would have every single game have the exact same amount of money bet on both sides and take their small profit. So the goal of the sportsbook is to get the same amount of money bet on both sides of every bet.

How do they do this? They achieve their goal by shifting the lines and odds to entice or discourage action on the side of the bet they need. Let’s walk you through the steps of this.

  • Setting the initial line.
  • Reacting to bets.


sure daily odds

Sure Daily Odds

Safe Soccer Prediction

Safe Soccer Prediction

08  – December – 2020

2 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

Chelsea – Krasnodar Tip: 1 Odd: 1.36 FT: 1:1

Barcelona – Juventus Tip: 1X(DC) Odd: 1.40 FT: 0:3

Free tips are not 100% sure and we are not responsible for free tips lost. If you want 100% sure matches our team have special offers contact us!

All About Soccer

We would never go as far as to say that you need to be a soccer expert in order to make money from soccer betting, but that doesn’t mean that knowledge isn’t important. Quite the opposite actually, knowledge is powerful in the world of betting. The more you know, the easier it will become to make educated decisions.

That’s why we’ve compiled our “All About Soccer” section. This section will tell you everything you need to know about soccer. Trust us when we say, this WILL be worth your time.

Here’s a glimpse into what’s covered, along with a link to the section.

  • History of the Game
  • Rules of the Game
  • FIFA & Other Governing Bodies
  • Major Clubs
  • Major Tournaments & Leagues
  • Top Players & Managers

Safe Soccer Prediction

Safe Soccer Prediction

If you want to win is the best option for you. The team is highly devoted to bringing the best fixed matches which are guaranteed to net you big wins.

sure odds

sure odds 

sure odds 

04  – December – 2020

1 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

Almere City – Jong Utrecht Tip: 1&over 2.5 goals Odd: 1.70 FT: 4:1

Free tips are not 100% sure and we are not responsible for free tips lost. If you want 100% sure matches our team have special offers contact us!

Always do your homework

This should be a given really, but we’re going to mention it anyway. As we stated right at the start of this article, most bettors approach total goals in the wrong way. They don’t put in the required effort, and they don’t make money as a result. We would feel awful if you chose to make the same mistake.

It’s easy to make instant judgements about the number of goals you expect to be scored in a game, but you can’t trust judgements that are made without proper assessment: not even if you follow soccer closely and really know your stuff. You still need to put some thought into your selections. This should start with assessing the teams involved in a game, and looking at the following factors.

  • Quality of attack
  • Quality of defense
  • Current form

This is the absolute minimum you should do. Considering these factors is the only way to form a solid opinion about how many goals are likely to be scored. Ideally, you should also consider some situational factors too, such as the following.

  • Motivation
  • Playing style
  • Weather

This list was not at all exhaustive. There are also other factors that can affect the number of goals scored in a game of soccer. These ones mentioned have the most impact, so please make sure you consider these at least. If you want to consider even more, that’s obviously a good thing too.

sure odds

Sure Bet Prediction

Sure Bet Prediction

02  – December – 2020

2 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

Juventus – Dyn. Kyiv Tip: 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 3:0

Beijing Guoan – Wuhan Zall Tip: 2 Odd: 1.40 FT: 0:3

Free tips are not 100% sure and we are not responsible for free tips lost. If you want 100% sure matches our team have special offers contact us!

Major Domestic Leagues

The term domestic league refers to club level leagues that are played in a single country. Most of these leagues compete annually. They typically run for several months at a time, often spread across two calendar years. A league might start in August for example, and run until May of the following year.

Domestic leagues account for a lot of the interest in soccer. The major leagues especially are among the most watched and highest profile soccer competitions in the world. They feature some of the biggest and best-known clubs and players. There are several matches taking placing in these leagues each week, many of which are watched by millions of people.

So what constitutes a “major” domestic league? This is somewhat subjective really, as there’s no official list. The term is usually applied to the leagues which are the most popular, such as the English Premier League.

Sure bet prediction

The English Premier League (EPL) is widely regarded as the most popular domestic league. It has been for some years now, but it’s closely followed by the Spanish La Liga. There are several other European leagues with worldwide followings too. Then there’s the American league. This has become more popular in recent years, thanks to an overall increase in the quality of players.

So if we were to compile a list of what we consider to be the major domestic leagues, it would start with the EPL and also feature the following leagues.

Warining For Free Picks

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Sure Bet Prediction