Sure Daily Odds

Sure Daily Odds

Sure Daily Odds

13  – December – 2020

4 games ticket 95% WIN RATE

AC Milan – Parma Tip: 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 2:2

Barcelona – Levante Tip: 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 1:0

Genoa – Juventus Tip: 2 Odd: 1.33 FT: 1:3

Lamia – Olympiacos Piraeus Tip: 2 Odd: 1.20 FT: 0:6

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Why Odds and Lines Change

Have you ever wondered how the odds and lines work at the sportsbook? Ever been curious why the numbers are what they are and why they seem to “magically” change? In this guide, we’re going to answer both of these questions and more. We’re going to tell you why the odds and lines at the sportsbook move, and most importantly what this means for you. We’ll also give you some tips that can help you turn your newfound understanding into profit.

The Goal of a Sportsbook

Before you can understand why lines move, you need to understand what is going on behind the scenes. Sportsbooks are not charities. They are companies designed to make a lot of money by offering betting action on sports competitions. You probably already knew this. Here’s something you might not know: even though the sportsbooks are offering bets to you, they don’t like to gamble at all. Their goal is to try to guarantee that they are going to make money on every single bet they offer.

How do they do this? What the sportsbook tries to do is get the exact same amount of money on both sides of a contest. If they get $10 total bet on Team A and $10 total bet on Team B, then no matter who wins, they can use the losing money to pay the winners. If Team A wins, they take the $10 from the Team B losers and pay the Team A winners. Team B wins, they do the same thing, but in reverse.

So, how does the sportsbook make money? If you’ve ever made a bet before, you may or may not have noticed that the sportsbook is taking a little bit off the top of each bet. This is known as the house rake (the “juice”). Instead of paying back the full $10 to the winners, they take a very small percentage off of the top as their profit for facilitating the bets.


Let’s look at a real bet to make sure you understand this before we move on. Here is a real spread bet on an NFL football game:

  • Denver Broncos -6 (-110)
  • Dallas Cowboys +6 (-110)

If you bet $10 on the Denver Broncos and win your bet, you will get $9.09 in profit back. That $0.91 that you aren’t getting back is the sportsbook juice. So, if the sportsbook gets $10 in bets on the Broncos and $10 in bets on the Cowboys, here is what their accounting will look like:

  • Take in $10 on the Broncos (Casino has $10).
  • Take in $10 on the Cowboys (Casino has $20).

Broncos win and bettors are owed their original bet back ($10), and their profit ($9.09).

Casino gives back $19.09 to the Broncos bettors (Casino has $0.91).

The casino has profited $0.91 on this bet.

As you can see, no matter who wins the game, the sportsbook is going to make a profit. They aren’t in the business of gambling. If they could, they would have every single game have the exact same amount of money bet on both sides and take their small profit. So the goal of the sportsbook is to get the same amount of money bet on both sides of every bet.

How do they do this? They achieve their goal by shifting the lines and odds to entice or discourage action on the side of the bet they need. Let’s walk you through the steps of this.

  • Setting the initial line.
  • Reacting to bets.


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